26 Juin 2013

Google se frotte les mains, les résultats de l’étude confirme bien que l’OS de Google garde la place de leader du marché.

The feature phones segment continued to lose ground as consumers adopt smartphones. Shipments fell 31% year on year to 12 million units. The smartphone segment also lost some steam in the first quarter. Shipments increased 12% year on year to 31.6 million units in the quarter, which was the lowest growth rate since IDC started tracking the mobile phone market in 2004. Most Western European countries experienced a slowdown in smartphone sales as economies deteriorated, with a consequent decline in disposable income for consumers. Mobile operators are also cutting handset subsidies to reduce their costs as revenues decline. This is particularly impacting the Southern European economies, where consumers refrain from replacing their mobile phones for longer periods. In Northern Europe, smartphone penetration is reaching a tipping point, which has started to impact the smartphone growth, as most users already have a smartphone and will not replace it until the contract ends or the device breaks.




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source : IDC European Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, May 2013